Another List of Things Successful People Do.
Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 01:59PM
Andrew Hopkins

American Express Open Forum


The two things I have seen on all of these lists are: #5. They Are Willing to Fail and #2. They Exercise Incredible Drive. These are in my opinion central to all the other elements of success going hand in hand like a married couple. A willingness to risk loss is central to any advance be it scientific, business, political, militarily, or personal relationships. It is the acceptance to pay a price for wanting more.  The second item, #2. They Exercise Incredible Drive is the mate to the first one.  It is the long hard work the successful give to reach their goal.  And that long hard work, that effort may require sacrificing personally in time with family and friends and even sacrificing relationships that work counter to their goal. Without guarantee of succeeding. Those are high personal costs in the one thing that cannot be bought for any price, time.  People will forgive, forget, accept the failings of others but time will not return to be spent again.

One can work hard and never be successful because the acceptance of failure was not present. One can accept failure and never pay the price in effort. If you choose to do one would it not be good to do the other? 

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