Automate your counting

Automated counting is fast & accurate. Used in many industries. Try it on your smartphone. Contact us if you do not get 100% accuracy. Our support team is available to help you.

CountThings From Photos

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How it works

Tap "Take New Photo"
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CountThings from Video

The “CountThings from Video” software detects, counts, and inspects moving items. We will work with you to customize the software for your needs. The software runs on Windows computers and can analyze real-time and recorded videos.

Add custom features

We will create add-ons/plug-ins for your unique needs utilizing the built-in infrastructure of our off-the-shelf solutions. Typically, add-ons are related to the analysis of images or videos for counting, measuring, or inspections.

Custom Computer Vision Software

We make Custom Software to simplify complex challenges, join our chain of happy clients!

Is automated counting appropriate for your organization?

The automatic counting app works well for cases where you need to count many items of the same type, and all the items are visible in the image. For example, it is appropriate for counting inventory, finished goods, shipments, and incoming material in a manufacturing facility or warehouse.

It is inappropriate for cases where you need to count many items of different types in chaotic environments, like grocery stores or supermarkets.

The app is customizable for specific counting environments and use-cases. Our support team can help you set it up based on your specific counting needs, the type of objects you need to count, and integration with your system. In addition, we will work with you to optimize existing Counting Templates, create new Counting Templates, or even add custom functionality to work in your counting environment.

To get help, fill in the form below or email us a short description of what you typically count and what you want to do with the counting results. If possible, include a few sample images that are typical of your counting needs. Our email address is

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